Naath Basketball Foundation

Naath Basketball Foundation (NBF)

 It is a nonprofit organization that tries to search for undiscovered talents from potential children who live in remote areas. It aims to offer opportunities in sports and optimally enhance the performance of the hidden talented young athletes in the community. 

Our Purpose:


Basketball is an immersed tool that provides many opportunities to the youths, it engages young children to boost their life skills, help them think critically, and face all the challenges with positive attitudes and mindsets. With the aim of providing the youths with the necessary skills and knowledge, the main purpose of this is to nurture talents through learning new fundamentals of basketball.

Our Objectives:


Build and enhance knowledge to the youths
Foster leadership skills to the youths through basketball
Create awareness on the issues that affecting the lives of young people.
Motivate the youths to achieve their supreme potential through advocating for them about hard work
Builds their physical skills.

Our Goals:


To teach the youths to understand the game of basketball
To empower them with life skills
To encourage youths to be better athletes
Teach the youths with leadership skills
Equip them with knowledge
To be a better person with virtue of integrity.
Improves their mental toughness
To boost their confidence and self-esteem
To encourage the youths to be resilient.

Impacts of the camp to the youths:

We work so hard together with the youth to.

Give back to the community through basketball.

To motivate the youths, physical activities give a lot of motivation & encouragement to the young children.

Helps players to learn and work as a team with a common collective goal.

Building peace through sports.

To be discipline and enhance self-confidence

To create environment which is conducive to growth and learning atmosphere to the youths

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about NBF

It is a nonprofit organization that tries to search for undiscovered talents from potential children